📝 Challenge Publication

Participants must submit a method description along with their submission on the final test set. This should be in Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science format [link to Overleaf template]. The paper should highlight the main steps taken to arrive at the method used on the final test set. In particular, the following should be described:

  • Data preprocessing and augmentation
  • Method description
  • Post Processing
  • Results
  • Link to public code repository

Each method description paper should be uploaded to a pre-print platform such as ArXiv, so that the paper can be easily linked to the final leaderboard. Each final submission needs to be linked to a pre-print paper. More information on this can be found in the submission instructions.

Post Challenge Publication

After the challenge has finished, we will invitate the Top 7 performing submissions to write a peer-reviewed journal paper that performs a full analysis of the results and highlights the key findings and methods. Further method submissions may be invited to the summary paper. The first and last author of the submitted arxiv paper will qualify as authors in the summary paper.  The participating teams may publish their own results separately after coordination (for selected submissions of summary paper) to avoid siginficant overlap with the summary paper. More information on this will be provided on conclusion of the challenge.